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Customer Testimonials

The “models” you see on our site are actually real Ernesto customers, and they have a lot to say when it comes to their longtime loyalty. Here’s a sample from a recent conversation.

Trevor Freeland is a Philly native who is now an investment banker with a large firm in New York. He lives in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

“My uncle first brought me to Ernesto in 1983, I was in high school and he thought I should have a pair of really good pants. I’ve been a customer ever since and they make all of my tailored clothing.

“I feel like Ed and Darren are my friends … not like salesman in a store who are just trying to move merchandise. The know my likes and dislikes, sometimes they’ll try to push me out of my box and it and I like being challenged. They’ve helped my look evolve. They know me so well they even buy fabric with me in mind.

“The personal touch is one reason I am such a loyal customer. Ed visits New York with fabric samples, I pick what I want and the finished garments get delivered to my office impeccably packed. That’s the kind of service I could never get in New York. Plus, the craftsmanship is unbeatable and the fit is perfect.

“It’s a compliment to them when other custom tailors in New York have approached me to tell me how much they admire my suits. They try to get me to sample their product, but there is no way … I’m an Ernesto customer for life.”

Richard Giuliani is one of Philadelphia’s leading defense lawyers. His private practice is off of Washington Square West and he lives with his wife and two children in the Overbrook Farms section of the city.

“I bought my first suit at Ernesto in 1992 and since then, all of my suits and jackets have been exclusively from Ernesto. I am tall with long arms and have never been able to get the right fit with off the rack suits … even from the top designer brands and specialty stores. But every Ernesto suit fits perfectly when I first put it on.

“Darren and Ed take an intense personal interest in how you look. They are so knowledgeable about fabric and cut … I get a kick out of how they sometimes debate each other about ideas for me. They give me a look that is distinctive and the quality is superb. And since they started with custom shirts, I now get mine exclusively from Ernesto. They will put together whole outfits for me to approve.

“Every week, at least 2-3 people will ask me where I get my clothes. Not just my fellow attorneys – people will stop me on the street! Of course, I tell them about Ernesto. I’m sure this happens to their other customers, too … its one reason Ernesto is such a success.”

To set up an appointment, call Ernesto's at 609-315-9923, 237 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, or contact us by e-mail.

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